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What benefits we get from this automobile assembly line ?


Automobile production line is complicated process ,which is consist of car welding line,car painting line,car assembly line and car testing line. If it's SKD process, it's only need to the car assembly line and car testing line.SKD(semi knocked-down) the vehicle is assembled, and before shipping partially stripped down with body, engine, trim and kit parts.

 Assembly line for car starts with a bare chassis,and components are attached successively as the growing assemblage moves along a conveyor.  This automobile assembly line are including that hanging conveyor assembly line,Trim assembly line,final assembly line,Test line and and so on

SKD Automobile assembly line.jpg

 Suggest you choose SKD automobile assembly project if start to investment automobile business,there are many benefits following:

 Saves custom duty:Compared with CBU, the SKD Automobile parts import duty should be 5-8% or free, the CBU automobile import duty should be 30-  40% or higher. It can save your much in long term business. And the workshop is considered as the fixed assets for long time.

 Saves shipping cost: one 40 feet container can load more units of the SKD than the CUB, take an average the shipping cost is reduced down .

 Earns you an intangible assets:you can have and develop your own auto brand and also expand to the neighboring countriesw ith the vehicle assembly project .CBU vehicle does not directly benefit any country, while the SKD vehicle requires an assembly plant and employment to be generated in the country.Thus your can get many preferential policies from the government.

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Zhengcheng Mechanical is engaged in offering customized design and turnkey solutions of automatic assembly line, including assembly line of car ,assembly line of motorcycle ,assembly line of scooter and assembly line of bicycle.


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