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Why you need an automatic vehicle assembly production line

As professional manufacturer of vehicle assembly line, we have more than 20 years experiences in this filed,  and we have met all kinds of customers from different countries. 

So why you need an automatic vehicle assembly production line?  In one hand, this is the requriements of your goverment, because if you dont have one assembly line, they will not give you a license to start assembling motorcycle, tricycle, or car ect. In another hand, more and more factories start to use high technology automatic machinery to replace people, this makes their products more accurate, and makes their factory more fashion for their customers. this totaly less a log of troubles occured by workers.  you know, machinery does not need to eat, and they not drink, not sleep, as long as their quality is good, they are perfect.

The third reason that you need an automatic line, is that automatic line can increase capacity, in tradditional assembling way, workers at only one station can assemble a complete motorcycle/ bike / tricycle.  this is very low working effective. with automatic line, you can arrange different technology process at each different station, after they finish their part, the automatic line will moveforward the parts to next station.  so step by step, each worker will become more and more skilled at his station. so you increased vehicle capacity. 

Ofcourse, there are many other reasons that you may need an automatic line, whatever the reasons, you must need to find Anyang Zhengcheng Mechanical Co.,ltd first,  then you will find Caroline, then lets see what happens. 


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